How Often Should I Wash My Car?: That is the Car Question of the Day

Do you prioritize washing your car? Have you ever had someone write "Wash Me" on your vehicle? If washing your car isn't a priority, it needs to be. A clean car will last longer and is safer to drive.

You might think dirt on your car won't do any damage. The truth is it can scratch the protective clear coat, dulling the surface. If left for too long, it can cause damage to the paint below. It can also create a spot where rust can form. Cleaning your car regularly will help prevent all of this from happening.

A clean windshield and side mirrors make the car safer to drive. The driver can see what's ahead easier. Keeping the car's inside clean also prevents things from flying around when you hit the brakes. The car experts here at Pantili Hyundai in Princeton, WV recommend cleaning your ride at least once a week.

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