Controlling Pet Hair in Your Car

Pets are wonderful, but it's no fun being in the close quarters of a car with stray pet hairs floating in the air. Tame your pet's fur with a quick brushing before you embark on your journey. If your pet can ride in a crate, this is one of the better ways to keep the fur contained in one place. If they prefer to ride on the seat, cover it with a towel or protective blanket to spare your upholstery.

Remove any unwanted fur using a vacuum cleaner or lint brush. For really stubborn hairs that have woven into the fabric itself, try to utilize the power of static electricity by rubbing a blown-up party balloon right on the seat to attract loose hairs. You can also mix a solution of a few teaspoons of fabric softener and some water into a spray bottle and dampen your seats. Then run a paper towel over the area to dislodge any hair.

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