Hyundai Accent Performance Features

When Americans first heard the name Hyundai, they probably got the name confused with Honda. The Japanese company still makes cars, motorcycles, and small engines, but they do not make anything Hyundai makes, and the latter is not a Japanese car company. While the vehicles made by the company. The Hyundai Accent, despite being a smaller to mid-size car still comes with plenty of performance features. Some would even please a muscle car enthusiast.

The car can go from 0 to 60 in under 7 seconds when operated by an average driver. Few people need to do this in everyday driving unless they are heading on to the interstate. The car's brakes, when kept in optimal condition, give it a short stopping distance that makes it more maneuverable in the class. The car's front wheel drive allows it to drive more easily on snow or rain.

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