The Importance of Winter Wiper Blades

Winter weather can cause snow, ice, and freezing rain, which can be hazardous for drivers. At Pantili Hyundai in Princeton, WV, we try to prepare our consumers for the harsh conditions that can surface during the winter months. Winter wiper blades can help keep your windshield free of ice, snow, and sleet.

What's the difference between summer wiper blades and winter wiper blades? Winter wiper blades have a sturdy frame and only have one moving part. This will ensure that ice and snow will not clog the blades. Most winter wiper blades come with a protective shield that blocks the ice and snow to keep your window clear, and they are typically made of a sturdy, synthetic rubber that stays flexible in freezing temperatures.

Winter wiper blades should be paired with a quality windshield wiper fluid to keep the window clean. Most wiper blades will need to be replaced every six months, and many consumers have them replaced when they have their winter tires put on.

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