Can You get Plastic Side Tanks?

Your vehicle's cooling system includes many parts, some that move around and many others that play passive roles. Your radiator itself is a passive device, and it includes other passive attachments called inlet and outlet tanks. These components come in several different varieties and constructions. Some are made of metal, but a growing percentage of these parts are made from temperature-resistant thermoplastics.

Plastic inlet and outlet tanks need to be strong, durable, heat-resistant, and leak-proof. Because plastic tanks cannot be welded or braised, they are usually attached to radiators by adhesives, fixtures, and gaskets. The gaskets help the tanks to form tight fits with radiator bodies and also prevent coolant from leaking out around the joints.

Plastic side tanks need regular pressure and visual inspections to ensure structural integrity. At our facility in the Princeton, WV area, the members of our cooling system team are certified and experienced in all aspects of cooling system repair and diagnosis. For a free, no-obligation visit with our experts, swing by Pantili Hyundai today.

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